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But First, Read Our Guidelines Below:

The secrets contained in the informative video on the next page will give you the power to get your Sins reduced through the Boiling Borscht. The trick works by placing the Poopsies of a Hoogly Hamster into the Boiling Borscht simultaneously causing Sins to be liquidated, so this means you need a connection with a Rosconian Priestess.

Because this Ceremoney will give you release from your loads of Sins, it means when you die you will be taken up to the Secon Kindom up in Heaven carried by the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters


In order to achieve Real Rosconian Sin Reduction, you must believe upon the Lord Roscoe and your personal Savior type God.


When you do the Hot Borscht , USE REAL HAMSTER POOPSIES. M&Ms are not as effctive, but can be used for a reduced effect.


Alwasy do exactly as the Priestess instructs you, including touching and/or sexual contact. They are saving your souls.


This video will be pulled down tonight. If you don’t watch it before then, we can’t give you a second chance.

This video is for SUPPLICANTS only, if you are a Believer in a flat earth religion then you must be converted.

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If You Watch The Video, You WILL Get Saved!

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